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Welcome to Direct CabCall:

Direct CabCall provides drivers and passengers the only Taxi Cab and Fleet Services app that services everyone worldwide. Our patent pending Automatic Activation gets you service provided there is at least one driver and one passenger locally logged-in anywhere on Earth. For worldwide service passengers can use Direct CabCall UNIVERSAL. When travelling, step off your airplane, tap the green Service Light, and your cab is on its way "in ten seconds or less."
Or, use a Private Label custom app "Powered by Direct CabCall" that serves only local drivers and passengers.

We've got you covered locally and worldwide! THE "TAXI CAB TECHNOLOGY GAP" IS OVER!

Big city, one-horse town, worldwide - same great service. "It's About Time!" You have my word on it.


Our Mission
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  • What is "Ride Safe?"
  • What does Direct CabCall App cost?
  • What is Free Nationwide & Global Downloads & Activation?
  • Are There Any Trip Fees?
  • How do I register?
  • Why Does My Direct CabCall App Crash When I Log-In?
  • How & Why Do I Invite Other Passengers & Drivers?
  • Don't Forget To Log Out of Your Online Account
  • Why Does My Direct CabCall App Crash When I place an order?
  • Can I Update My Name?
  • Password Problems?
  • May I register as both a passenger and driver?
  • Bon Voyage! Will I receive service outside my local area?
  • iPhone Permission to Access Contacts
  • For Passengers: How much does Direct CabCall cost the passenger?
  • What are Preference Settings and how do they work?
  • For Drivers: How much does Direct CabCall cost the driver?
  • For Drivers: Is Direct CabCall Service available if I change taxicab companies?
  • What is GPS enable and disable?
  • What is myAccount Management?
  • What is My Service Area?
  • Wi-fi and Data?
  • Unable to book due to Location Services problems?
  • Battery Conservation re:Location Services?
  • Same Log-In Credentials Simultaneously On Different Cellphones or in Different Local Areas?
  • Failed Log-out: Still Visible on Other Party’s Map Screen?
  • Lost & Found



Note: This service is proprietary and patented, Direct CabCall, LLC, 2013. Assignment and usage by other companies of copyrighted, proprietary, or patented features and functions must be authorized in advance by Direct CabCall, LLC. Contact: The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, 1755 Park Street Suite #200, Naperville, Illinois 60563,, Phone: (630) 318-2606 Fax:(630) 318-2605